TranscendElite 4.4

Performs various operations involving Transcend storage devices

TranscendElite is intended to perform various operations involving Transcend storage devices. The tool has a nice tabbed interface, which allows going straight to the desired function. Moreover, some operations are wizard-driven, so it is highly unlikely for anyone to have problems using this program.

One of the main functions of this utility is backing up files or folders. Luckily, it is possible to create scheduled backup operations. In addition, you can execute a backup task at any time by simply pushing a button or using a desktop shortcut. Good news is that your data can be safely secured by using encryption and password protection.

TranscendElite also supports synchronizing data between two folders. Besides, you are allowed to download and create backup copies of the data you store on the Cloud to a Transcend device. In this regard, two popular file sharing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox are supported. Finally, as it is logical, the tool also allows the reverse operation of restoring backed up files.

In terms of security, there is another function of the program that lets you protect files or complete folders by using such a strong encryption algorithm as 256-bit AES. Likewise, it allows decrypting previously encrypted data. What is more, the program lets you lock or unlock an entire device. However, they alert that locking portable SSDs is only possible if you are using ESD220C or ESD230C models.

All in all, TranscendElite is quite a useful tool for the owners of Transcend storage devices. It is a shame, however, that it does not support other brands. Unfortunately, when tried, the program worked fine most of the time, except when I tried to encrypt a large folder. In that case, it practically froze so I needed to stop it. Last, you should know that is absolutely free to use.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Allows scheduling backups
  • Uses strong encryption algorithms
  • Supports backing data stored on the Cloud


  • May become unstable when encrypting large folders
  • Does not support many Cloud file-sharing services
  • Works with Transcend devices only
  • Does not work with multiple SSD models
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